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Running is an activity that I am very passionate about, but I am extremely devoted to the concept of “The Run before The Run” as well. It includes all preparations leading up to the main running event that include setting up the alarm clock, picking out shoes, stocking up on Vaseline and ant-chafing cream, and so on. There is an LSD (Long Slow Distance) run on Sundays, which is any distance equal to or above 15kms – it is a test of endurance and psychological preparation.

The process is a long one…

The preparation for the main run is an ongoing process. It involves the kind of diet being followed, time to digest the food, details of training schedule, what is being consumed on a particular day and if it is possible to accomplish a certain level of training after eating that, etc. That is how I stay away from junk food, and even if I have an irresistible craving and slip up a bit, I make it up with sufficient training, so the food gets digested, while the training for the following day isn’t hampered in any way.

What does it involve?

As mentioned, the previous night is for thorough preparation. It includes picking out the running requisites such as shoes, socks, moisturizer, anti-chafing cream, base layer, head band, wrist band, energy gel, and post run reload, charging watch batteries, and readying cab/car keys, identity documents, and other paperwork, ensuring I have enough cash, etc. I also allocate some buffer time so I can reach the spot slightly before time, and of course, a good night’s rest is a must.

A strict regimen!

Before the run, it is necessary that your gut is absolutely clear, so you need to be strict with your diet for 48 hours and eat and drink accordingly. I consciously have 5-7 liters of water on a daily basis. Every morning, I have a cup of black coffee with coconut oil – I welcome the challenge of melting the coconut oil that freezes during winter mornings.

What is next?

I go to Lodhi Garden for my Sunday LSD run – it is almost 23 kms. from my residence so it takes me around 30-40 minutes to arrive. The run starts around 5.15 am, so I make it a point to reach by 5 am for warming up, which means I leave home by 4.15 am sharp. To maintain the timings, I wake up before 3.30 am. A trivial delay could cause the entire schedule to go haywire, so I make sure it never happens – being on time plays an integral role here!

I live a disciplined lifestyle, which I wouldn’t have been able to do so without my wife’s (Puja Jajodia) help. It is she who wakes up around 3 am after a hectic day and little sleep, to prepare a cup of piping Black Coffee with PVCO. Needless to say, the team #RunXtreme and My Nutritionist Sangeeta Malik is also supportive of my endeavors and prepare alongside me for the run before the run!

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