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It started, because...

I wanted to go on a long trek. But due to my high BMI (body mass index), Indiahikes refused to let me join them. That is when I understood how critical it is to have a healthy BMI. I used to weigh 95 kgs. (quite shocking and very unhealthy)! In a span of mere 40 days, I lost 17 kgs.! It is all thanks to Sangeeta Malik, my nutritionist who structured a strict diet plan and supervised closely.

I was finally given the all clear, so I could go on a 21-day trek to Parang La with a group. I learnt the true meaning of survival of the fittest at an elevation of 5580 meters – cooking, climbing, setting up tents, and dealing with freezing temperatures.

My 1st Timed RUN at Lodhi Garden.

It was my nutritionist who put me in touch with training sessions at Lodhi Gardens. I participated in the 1st Half Marathon on September 24, 2017.

The training continued, and I met Tarun Sir on 18th February 2018.

My First Run with Tarun Sir & Vipin Kumar on 18th February 2018.

it continued...

RunXtreme has completely transformed my life – it has altered my views and perspective for the better. I am not ashamed to admit I was a workaholic; long hours had become a norm, and on many occasions, I slept just 4 hours at night and paid little attention to food habits as I slogged away hard. Spending time with family and friends was a luxury that I couldn’t afford. I often would find myself checking my watch at social gatherings – the more time I “wasted”, the more I felt I could be doing some work.

That was a very unfulfilling lifestyle, to say the least. Thanks to RunXtreme, I have achieved a good balance between personal and professional life. I give ample time to loved ones since I have realized the times spent with them are precious memories to be cherished. I lead a disciplined life as I eat healthily and get a good night’s rest so I can start fresh the next day.

Moreover, I have developed a more positive approach towards life – I don’t entertain unwanted thoughts or ideas and choose to focus on the happier aspects. I never knew that a simple run can be so relaxing while helping to stay fit at the same time. It lets you eradicate negative emotions and get charged up. My co-runners have greatly motivated and encouraged me, which has helped me gain recognition in the group – this surge of confidence is exactly what pushes me to never give up and perform even better!

And Continuing...

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